Tuesday, March 3, 2009

At Last!!!

At last!! They are here! We had special ordered 9x9 canvases since that is not offered as a ready made size. I think they were ordered a few months ago. I'm not in the habit of stretching my own canvases (because I don't always use canvas as a substrate), so doing the special order seemed like a no-brainer. BUT...it took so long I had almost given up that it was ever going to happen. A few weeks ago, Leau announced that they had arrived (yay!).

They're here!

Now I really have to get working! September will be here before I know it. Choke...


Regina said...

Who needs to be reimbursed for the canvases? Just let me know and I'll pick mine up and pay.

Paula said...


Sounds like fun !

Leau, I found you over at the stencil blog......la dispatch (??? ..is that the name?).

I'm in Rio Rancho. Saw Paula Scott at the Jesse Reno workshop this past weekend. Boy that was a good time....

Maybe we'll meet someday?